Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Cox Communications Versus BMG

BMG Music has sued Cable, Voice and Internet service provider Cox Communications because they "allowed" Internet subscribers to download music without paying for it. Cox provides over 4 million subscribers with Internet but apparently they are supposed to police all of them and make sure they don't download music. BMG wanted Cox to kick the subscribers off the Internet for downloading the music. That is not what I want my ISP to focus on. How about ensuring the Internet is fast and doesn't lag?

According to the Electronic Freedom Foundation BMG was supported in its suit by a patent troll company called Rightscorp who goes around suing ISPs and their subscribers to feed off the original musicians and copyright holders.

The original suit against Cox Communications, the Internet cable and phone service provider was decided against Cox. Cox Communications appealed and the new case was just decided. More or less. Not really. The court affirmed in part, reversed in part and vacated in part the previous ruling.

Cox Communications provides voice, Internet and cable TV bundles. Providing these services are what they should focus on. Not policing copyright infringement.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Cox says they are committed to Net Neutrality

In response to the repeal of net neutrality, Cable TV and Internet provider Cox Communications is giving some mixed messages about the subject. They are saying they support net neutrality but they also say they applaud FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's repeal of them. What?

Here is their statement right after the FCC's repeal:
"Today’s vote by the FCC to remove the Title II section of the Net Neutrality rules does not impact our commitment to Net Neutrality. We do not block, throttle or otherwise interfere with consumers’ desire to go where they want on the Internet.  Cox has always been committed to providing an open Internet experience for our customers, and reversing the classification of Internet services does not change our commitment.  We applaud FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for his leadership that has overturned the previous Commission’s decision to enact Title II, the 1930s-era utility telephone regulations.  Reestablishing ‘light-touch’ regulation returns a level of certainty for consumer protections and future investment and innovation that spur the growth of the Internet."

It looks like they say that will follow the rules as long as there aren't any.

The third largest cable company in the US, Cox provides cable TV, Internet and phones to some where around 6 million house holds so their actions do have some repercussions so if they are committed to providing the best Internet service in their areas with no unfair blocking or priortization.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Arizona Cardinals and Cox Cable Form Partnership

If you get Cox Cable Internet service in your area you can get Cox Cable Internet, television and phone service from the same company that provides Internet service to the Arizona Cardinals. Cox just extended and expanded the existing partnership between Cox and the Cardinals. They have been working together since 2006.
The partnership is a multi-million-dollar, multi-year agreement for Cox to provide for the technical needs of not only the Cardinal’s training complex but also the University of Phoenix Stadium
This partnership isn’t just about hooking the team and stadium up to Cox high speed cable Internet, television and voice services. Cox will help the Cardinals offer a unique virtual reality interactive experience so that Cardinals fans can experience what it feels like to be on the field practicing with the team. This will be similar to what the Cardinals players and coaches experience during training. Fans can see what it is like to be standing on the field during the player introductions before a game, or even what it is like participating in the coin toss before the kickoff! Best of all, this virtual reality experience is free for fans. Fans can take part in the fun at the stadium’s upper concourse during the Cardinals home games.
Not only is the University of Phoenix Stadium home to the Arizona Cardinals but also the annual Fiesta Bowl, and a ton of other events like two Super Bowls, the NFL Pro Bowl, college football championships, and the NCAA Final Four.
As one of the largest cable companies in the United States, Cox services include voice and Internet services, cable television, WiFi, and network infrastructure to residential and businesses across the nation.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Where does Cox Communications stand on Net Neutrality?

Cox Communications provides Internet, Cable TV and phone bundles so it might not surprise you that they have traditionally opposed net neutrality. Net neutrality is the idea that Internet service providers should treat all content equally, not favoring one type of content or one provider over other content or provider.
Recently Ajit Pai, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has said he will be getting rid of the net neutrality rules put into effect in 2015 by the Democratic led FCC. Back then pretty much all of the big ISPs opposed the rules. Cox Communications was one of them. And to be fair the rules are not perfect. The rules don't do anything about the privacy violations of the so called "edge providers" like Google and Facebook but maybe that is beyond the scope of "net neutrality" and should be addressed separately.
Stands to reason that as an Internet Service Provider, Cox Communications would still oppose the rules. It doesn't look like Cox Communications has publicly made a statement about net neutrality recently but the last one they made, earlier this year, was against net neutrality. In April, when Ajit Pai made a statement that he was looking at repealing the rules Cox was all for the repeal. Of course, since Cox is a provider of Internet, Cable TV and voice bundles, Cox will probably continue to give lip service to net neutrality while seeking to undermine it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cox Homelife: The Latest in Home Automation and Security

Sure Cox has triple play bundles with Internet, Voice and television but Cox also has Cox Homelife, a 24/7, professionally monitored home security system that has earned the CSAA's 5 Diamond Award. That certifies that Cox security monitoring centers meet the highest standards and customer service in the security industry. It is a special honor to get this award.

Cox Homelife - unlock your home's full potential with 24/7, award-winning and professionally monitored home security that provides you the peace of mind you need and deserve. Cox's convenient mobile app lets you see and control your home from away from home. Cox isn't just Cox Cable TV, Internet and phones.

Cox Homelife gives you the latest and greatest in home security. That includes remote access to your home system via your smart phone or other device. Battery and and cellular back-up will keep your system active in the event that the power is interrupted for any reason like if your Cox Internet and phone service was cut off due to a storm.

With Cox Homelife you can control your home through smart lightbulbs, plugs, locks and thermostats. You can set your own rules to turn on lights just before you arrive home and turn off the heat to certian rooms after a certain amount of time.

  • Set and view cameras from smart phone
  • Be notified of smoke, CO, and floods
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Keep an eye on pets and deliveries from work
  • Feel secure with motion sensors
  • Turn on and off your appliances from anywhere
  • Turn your lights on and off on a timer or while away
  • Adjust thermostat while away
  • Turn on and off with a touch of your finger

Cox triple play bundles with Internet, Television and phone can now be quadruple plays.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cox Communications CEO Steps Down

After working for Cox Communications for pretty much all of his adult life, Cox President and CEO John Dyer will be stepping down at the end of 2017. Dyer was raised on a farm and worked at the Times Mirror when it was purchased by Cox. Cox currently provides High Speed Internet, Cable Television, phones, and smart home devices (called home automation) to more than 3 million customers. Cox is the third largest cable television company, just behind Comcast Xfinity and Charter Communications, including Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Dyer will be replaced by Alex Taylor, a member of the fourth generation of the Cox family from which the company gets its name. The company has just shy of 60,000 employees.

In addition to bundles including Cox Cable television, high speed internet and home phone, Cox also operates Cox Media Group which owns newspapers, (like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Radio stations and television stations and Cox Automotive that owns Auto Trader, Kelley Blue Book. Cox offers cable television under the name Contour television.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

100 Years of Service - Cox Communications

Cox Communications' delivery of high speed Internet, digital phone and cable television over the same broadband network was the first of its kind. That happened back in 1997. They had already been delivering Internet and cable television.

Cox Communications can trace back it roots to 1898 when James Cox purchased the Dayton Daily News. James ran the company for more than 50 years. His son, James Jr. took over the company in 1957. They branched into cable TV in 1962 and high speed Internet in 1996. Cox is the third-largest cable television provider and the seventh-largest telephone carrier.

Cox Communications currently offers home security and automation in addition to Cox digital video, telephone and Internet. Bundles of Cox Internet and video services can be purchased with two or more services for extra savings.

The company was a pioneer in offering such products as HDTV (high-definition television) and DVRs (digital video recorders) with on-demand viewing. Cox Communications serves more then 6 million customers. They are headquartered in Atlanta Georgia.